Every orange yields about 40% juice and 60% citrus pulp, made of peel and seeds. Ortogel’s mission is using the pulp as a precious resource, instead of wasting it. Ortogel – following a virtuous path – uses innovative systems to extract fine substances from the citrus pulp, while residues are used as animal feed or renewable energy source for the plant. This way, we produce clean power, reduce CO2 emissions and give nutrients back to the soil.
In short, by squeezing oranges, we obtain water, energy and fertilizers to grow new fruit that will be squeezed.

Short supply chain

From orange to juice, within 24 hours after the harvest.
We are the first Italian citrus cultivation chain. We ensure the traceability and certification of our products, from tree to packing.

100% Italian oranges

All of them, from the first to the last.
“Italian orange” juices are not all the same. The greatest difference is in the label. We only use local oranges: 100% Italian, from the first to the last.

Respect for the environment

Watchword: sustainability.
We are an example of circular economy, from the field to the table. We adopt a sustainable model to reduce pollution and pursue an eco-friendly production.

I Succosissimi

Our mascots.
In order to spread our principles and raise awareness of our mission to adults and children alike, Ortogel decided to create four mascots, tiny guides of this path made of taste, genuineness and sustainability: the Succosissimi.