Ortogel products’ authentic genuineness, traceability and high quality standards are ensured by several factors: a long-lasting and profitable relationship with raw material suppliers, a cutting edge extraction system (with optical automatic selection), an innovative processing system downstream of the extraction stage, thorough lab analysis, and a constantly updated IT system.

NFC squeezed quality

The NFC “Rossa di Sicilia” orange juice is better than home-made orange juice, because Ortogel:

  • transforms only ripe and freshly picked “Rossa di Sicilia” oranges;
  • can count on a processing plant located in the “Rossa di Sicilia” orange cultivation area;
  • transforms only good oranges, and removes scraps through an innovative optical selection system;
  • prevents the essential oil bitter taste in the juice, thanks to the in-line low-oil extraction system;
  • removes any impurity through a cyclone system downstream of the extraction stage;
  • performs an organoleptic/sensory analysis of the samples collected from 25 ton batches, immediately after the extraction and cooling process, transforming less-than excellent-juices into concentrate;
  • preserves the fresh fruit characteristics, thanks to the rapid freshly-squeezed cooling and freezing system.