In 1978, the pioneer blood orange cultivation family group lays the foundations of the Ortogel Spa brand. The blood orange juice production starts in 1890, when a blood orange citrus grove is planted in the Margi Valley, an area of the Calatino region, Sicily, dedicated to citrus cultivation. Since its start, the Company’s core business has been the natural Sicilian blood orange juice, because the plant is located in Caltagirone (CT), in the middle of the quintessential Sicilian cultivation area for blood and blonde oranges. The product obtained is distributed both in Italy and abroad, making Ortogel a global leader in this field, also thanks to the high technological and innovation standards used in the different steps of the production process. Today, Ortogel Spa is a company capable of enhancing the value of its production, reaching the end consumer with high quality products in Italy and abroad, and with high-level technological plants and processing lines, which, over the years, have been constantly updated to improve the quality of Sicilian products.

Present days

The Company – the first Italian citrus cultivation chain – ensures the traceability and certification of its products to its customers, from tree to packing, and citrus fruit transformation into juice within 24 hours after the harvest – a guarantee of quality. Today, Ortogel Spa social structure comprises an industrial unit and several production units, which, working in agreement, ensure the supply of 70% of the citrus to be industrially processed to obtain natural juices, concentrates, essential oils and by-products obtained from different production processes, using new production technologies, with respect for the environment and environmental sustainability, and with an eye for energy savings.